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Content Marketing and The Gift That It Should Be

Content marketing is about giving. 

In business, there is a time to ask for the sale. But you need the people you communicate with to trust you. Trust is not built when you sell your product or service on first contact. This isn’t necessarily about that championship t-shirt someone sells. Although even then, the consumer needs to trust the website and shipping. Why do you think Amazon does so well? Trust. 

This is about that service you offer. 

This is about the content you create. 

In other words, content marketing. But not just any content marketing. Content marketing that gives. That is marketing in its truest form. 

But often marketers are guilty of tricks. No wonder the industry gets a bad rap. It’s frustrating because it leaves a bad taste in the mouth of people that really do want and need help.  

Isn’t it just better for the consumer and the person offering the service if both sides win? 

Let’s say you are a soccer (or football in the UK) coach and you offer training services in the offseason. Brilliant. A needed service especially if you can really help. 

Inevitably, someone may become a client of yours. Splendid! What happens if you used clever copy to entice someone to buy. In some regards that’s good (if it is true). But now, the moment of truth. That time when you have to do the work—you now must train the player. Suddenly, all the words you used are lies because that was just clever copy—you can’t actually do what you say. This could lead to bad reviews, bad word of mouth, and bad business. 

Now that’s not you is it? You are a good trainer. You only talk about what you know. And what you know is specific. And people need it. Except you don’t talk about it in blogs or podcasts. But someone does. That someone that does is your competition. They are a coach too. And while they are not very good at the work, they are very good at writing copy. 

Suddenly, you are losing business to someone worse than you that writes clever copy—now sure, their business won’t last. But it is damaging short-term. And it’s also damaging because coaches like you are getting a bad rap. 

The message is clear. It’s time to create content that gives. The content could give ideas on soccer drills, it could give ideas on workouts, it could talk about what to look for in a coach, it could talk about how you got where you are. Creating content that way is a combination of your specific knowledge and content that gives — win-win. 

It’s no different in my business of marketing. Numerous times we come across clients that have been burned in the past. I’ve seen a business spend $250,000 with a previous marketing company and have nothing to show for it. That’s a bitter taste I’m sure. 

That’s why content that gives wins. Both in your business and mine.  

Content with an eye for the long game gives. It gives to the person that may be interested in what you offer. So the next time when you create content think of the words value, ideas, information, entertainment, lesson. And pair that with the word gift. 

It may seem counterproductive. If you give away somethingwhy would someone buy from youBut that’s just it. If you do the right thing enough times, you will find people that will gladly pay you for your amazing work.  

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