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Do You Want Something Like SportsEpreneur? Hire Us for Content Marketing!


SportsEpreneur is a content platform for business owners and entrepreneurs. This blog is affiliated with KazSource, Inc, which is a multifaceted business that includes a content marketing agency (KazCM) and a life insurance brokerage group (KazSource Insurance).


Specifically, KazCM helps business owners engage with their audience.


We realize entrepreneurs need help developing business, so that’s what we do–business development. We develop business for you the same way we develop business for ourselves.


It starts with content marketing, which includes story telling, thought leadership, and branding through podcasts, blogs, videos, social media, and personal engagement.


This leads to opportunities and relationships for you and your business.


What else do you get? A content platform that will serve you now and in the future as your business changes.


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