Create a Blog that Ties Into Your Business

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Have you ever thought about creating a blog based around your passion and then tying it into your business. For example, within KazSource we have done this by creating a blog using sports to write about entrepreneurialism (Sportsepreneur). Sportsepreneur becomes the content platform. People would rather read about sports and business/entrepreneurialism then say insurance—at least in the beginning. From there it all ties together.

Say for example you are in real estate

I assume you have a passion for city growth. Perhaps you are interested in the cultural aspect, like restaurants and things to do around your city. Maybe you like the financial side of real estate, such as mortgage rates or the stock market and how that ties into buying a home.

Either way… write about THAT.

As you take the next step in designing the blog, you can choose a hosted website (preferred), or use blog platforms, such as WordPress or Blogger. You can even use the website your realty company provides you. Regardless of the type of website you go with—by creating interesting and unique content, you will build an audience.

Soon, as your audience grows, people will get to know you as a voice in your field. This will translate into exposure and respect. And you and your business will benefit as a result. It may not lead to immediate sales (more on this in future posts), but this blog will be worthwhile. We do it for ourselves and we do it for our clients so we know it works.

However, you must put in the time (or hire someone to do the content creation with you) and build your audience. And then when you want to list a property (or whatever it is you are selling), there will be people paying attention.

Here are some content marketing ideas for professionals–ideas that tie into the business. 


CPA or Law Firm / golf

Financial Planning Firm / travel

Business Consultant / exercise

Local P&C Agent / your city


However you start, just start. Create a blog.