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Curated Feel Good Tweets from the World of Sports

Hop on Twitter at any moment and you are bound to find a lot happening. Twitter can be a great place. For many, Twitter has a toxic feel. There’s hate, agendas, bad mouthing–it’s all enough to make you move to the next app on your phone.

But there’s so much good happening in Twitter–and in social media. We are all about social media–for the good. The bad social media though ruins it. So for this post, we are here to share feel good tweets–your curated timeline if you will. From the world of sports.

Let’s check out the feel good tweets…

Shaquem Griffin

The above tweet is about Seattle Seahawk Linebacker, Shaquem Griffin giving back to a fan. The kid’s reaction is everything good about sports. Watch the video closely.

Tyler Trent

Tyler Trent, the Purdue Boilermaker fan. Everyone roots for this kid. I’m an Ohio State fan that watched his team get pummeled. If Ohio State is going to lose, it might as well be to Tyler Trent’s team. The NFL’s all-time passing leader and former Purdue player, Drew Brees, shows his support to Tyler in this heartfelt tweet.

Gordon Hayward

We all remember the horrific injury Boston Celtic star Gordon Hayward suffered in October 2017. Now a year later, Gordon Hayward is back! It’s a feel good story to see him come back from a terrible fall. Hayward shows us all it’s about how you respond to a fall.

Here’s to More Feel Good Content…

We will continue to look for the feel good tweets around sports news on Twitter, other social media networks, and in general.

If you come across a story, certainly let us know! Maybe it is something with a local middle school game or a minor league team. Whatever it is, we want to hear and share the good stories!

We may not be able to take out the negative content from social media, but together we can curate the good positive feeling content!