Cybersecurity for Web3 | Conversation with Eden Data Founder, Taylor Hersom
Cybersecurity for Web3 | Conversation with Eden Data Founder, Taylor Hersom

Cybersecurity for Web3 | Conversation with Eden Data Founder, Taylor Hersom

Cybersecurity for web3 is going to be massive. Security is already a $132 Billion industry–we have to talk about it…

Do you lock your car doors? Of course you do. If your car and the items in it are important enough to protect, shouldn’t these bits of digital information be worthy of protecting: bank account passwords, private information, and other assets? Sounds reasonable. So then why do people not take cybersecurity seriously? And I mean very seriously. A password of kitty123 does not qualify as “very seriously”.

If theft happens online and someone loses access to say their Crypto wallet, why are we surprised? Theft is nothing new. Go read crime logs and see how many thefts happened just yesterday. Now I get it, cybersecurity “seems” like a lot of effort and very boring. What if it didn’t have to be? And more, what if was as essential as closing and locking the door behind you? As our work and lives become more digital which includes an aim to web3, it’s more essential than ever to up our “security hygiene” when it comes to cybersecurity for web3.

Featured Guest: Taylor Hersom | founder and CEO of Eden Data | Eden Data is a cybersecurity company offering scalable security teams and CISOs (Chief Information Security Officers) to address security, compliance, and data privacy for startups, especially in the Web3 space.

Cybersecurity topics discussed:

Globally, security is a $132 Billion industry! 💰

Public WiFi risks ☕️

How to protect your online passwords 🪪

Security is a problem in the physical world — security is nothing new

It’s unfair to expect technology to hit 100% of the time 💻

There is no end goal with cybersecurity 🔐

NFT and Crypto scary headlines 😳

Remote work and Malcolm Gladwell 🏢

Decision-making  🤔

Mental health as a founder and employees 🧘‍♀️

Living the founder life 📈

Post 9/11 Security 🔒

Hot wallets and cold wallets and adoption 🪪

The economy is complex! 🏛

NFTs and utility 🧟‍♀️

Ready Player One | Snow Crash 📚

Chainsmokers NFT

Community in Web3 🕸

Archaic industries that will be disrupted by blockchain technology, including insurance 💾

Energy consumption in Web3 ⚡️

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Web3 | So Many Questions! | A Podcast Series

Web3 is happening so fast—or at least that’s what it seems like. In actuality, there is time—a lot of time. It’s very early in the Web3 world. It’s also very confusing (maybe because there are so many buzzwords or maybe it’s because there are a lot of people promising a bright future). I’d say it’s best to talk to those in the space. And that’s where this Web3 dialogue (podcast series) is coming from. It’s an opportunity to share space with those that have experience, stories, and proof of concept related to all things Web3. This episode just so happens to hone in on all things cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity for Web3

So let’s learn about Web3 and the entire infrastructure including cybersecurity, energy consumption, and crypto. Let’s be open to it. I’m not one to suggest running out and buying a bunch of land in the Metaverse, but I would suggest paying attention to it, asking questions, and then seeing what interests you. The creativity and the opportunity got me. I hope this episode helps you understand it a bit more—or if you are already in the Web3 world, I hope this episode opens you into a new part of the community.

SportsE+ Podcast Guest: Taylor Hersom | Founder – Eden Data

Eden Data: website | Twitter

Taylor Hersom: LinkedIn

Taylor Hersom builds world-class security programs for organizations that not only want to embrace cybersecurity but want to realize the benefits of putting data privacy first — from brand recognition to customer loyalty — while realizing substantial ROI. He was a top-performing security expert with Deloitte followed by a CISO for a technology firm where he built a security program from the ground up — catching the entrepreneurial bug.

He has a keen understanding of cybersecurity & compliance as it relates to the next generation of companies who are predominantly de-centralized and cloud-centric. He serves as the security thought leader for multiple organizations globally and also as a Board Advisor for various startups. Taylor resides in Austin, TX.

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