SE73 | Sports Have the Power to Change Lives for the Better with Dan Soviero | SportsEpreneur Podcast
SE73 | Sports Have the Power to Change Lives for the Better with Dan Soviero | SportsEpreneur Podcast

SE73 | Sports Have the Power to Change Lives for the Better with Dan Soviero

Dan Soviero, Founder and CEO of Signature Athletics joins the SportsEpreneur podcast to take on all topics related to that amazing line, “sports have the power to change lives for the better.”

There are many obstacles we all encounter in life, and in this introspective conversation with Dan Soviero, we hear stories of going deaf in one ear, being kicked out of school two times, not being allowed to play school sports, and managing depression. Basically, enough obstacles that may cause one to throw in the towel. Dan did anything but that…

Episode topics discussed by Dan and SportsEpreneur podcast host, Eric Kasimov:

Not playing sports due to a pandemic and other reasons | deep depression | having a guiding north star | fathers | how sports have the power to change lives for the better | therapy | Signature Athletics & Signature Lacrosse | why to appear on podcasts | making content for your kids | not being afraid to pick up the phone | youth sports | handling parents during youth sports events | the future of lacrosse | taking reading seriously | doing one thing better | and much more.

We strive for this conversation to provide more context and different content than you’ll find anywhere else in regards to this entrepreneur…this SportsEpreneur → Dan Soviero | thanks to Dan for engaging in this wide-open dialogue.

More about the featured guest: Dan Soviero | Founder & CEO of Signature Athletics

Starting in his college dorm room, Dan Soviero built a team of former NCAA teammates, who were as passionate about giving back to the sport as he is. They created the “Signature Premium Ball”, which quickly became the most trusted ball in the NCAA, the Official Ball of Professional Lacrosse, and the Official Ball of Federation of International Lacrosse.

Today, Signature has sold over 10 million lacrosse balls and is taking the same “Problem-solving” approach; to build innovative products, distribute them in disruptive ways, to progress the experience of the sport, and make the sport more accessible. Signature is now a direct to player sports brand changing how players get gear and custom uniforms. The Signature Partner Program team stores are taking the hassle out of ordering uniforms with multiple sports next up in Signature’s exciting journey.

Dan played Division 1 Lacrosse at St John’s University, where he started Signature from his dorm room before he transferred to the University of Tampa.

More about Dan: Selected for Forbes 30 Under 30 | Featured in NBC News, Thrive Global, Big Time Daily

Dan’s Websites & Social Media | Signature Lacrosse Website | Signature Lacrosse Facebook | Signature Lacrosse Instagram | Dan’s LinkedIn | Dan’s Instagram

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