Empowering Others to Be Happy with David Meltzer | SportsEpreneur
Empowering Others to Be Happy with David Meltzer | SportsEpreneur

SE47 | Empowering Others to Be Happy with David Meltzer

“Make a lot of money, help a lot of people, have a lot of fun.” In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with David Meltzer, speaker, author, entrepreneur, and Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing.

David is a difference-maker in the sports industry. David and Eric explore what happy means to David, how he dealt with losses, and how to handle obstacles life throws at you, including the pandemic the world is dealing with today. 

As David says, “everybody needs to be creating and giving content”. There is opportunity out there — go get it!

Quick story about how we connected with David Meltzer

It was December 2017. An intern was finishing up college at Western Carolina University. As he was connecting me with interesting people when he came across a college student slash entrepreneur. That person was Jake Fleshner. Jake was in school at the University of Michigan. While we won’t get into that school up north (that’s an Ohio State thing if you know what I mean!), Jake and I had a great chat that we recorded for a podcast episode. It was important for me to chat and learn from people at all stages of their careers. That’s a reason one of our podcasts is called “Entrepreneur Perspectives”. I want to hear different perspectives.

After Jake and I finished the podcast, we stayed in touch here and there. Of course, as always, time flies by. Jake Flesher graduated and now works full-time for David Meltzer.

Jake’s story on how he met David Meltzer is an inspiring one. Basically, he was told by Gary Vaynerchuk when he interned for him to keep an eye out for Meltzer. Jake took the advice and he found David at SXSW, walked up to him, and told him he wanted to work for him–yes he went for it! He then met him in New York City soon after. He then interned for him. He then proved it out. He then got a full-time job working for David Meltzer. He went out and did it.

Fast forward again. Jake reached out to me a few weeks ago to catch up and ask if we would like David to appear on our podcast. This is that podcast episode!

There’s so much to take away from that quick story. Here are a few things that stand out to me:

  • You don’t know what a new connection can lead to.
  • College students and recent college graduates have much to offer. Do not take them for granted. Give people chances.
  • Keep creating. The creation and production of our podcast led to a conversation with Jake. More podcasts and content from us led to Jake staying in the know of what we were up to. That content and that connection led to Jake reaching out to introduce us to David Meltzer.

Thank you to Jake for staying in touch, the connection, and making this happen.

Thank you to David for his time, inspiration, and energy.

David’s life mission is “to empower others to be happy.” We are grateful David stopped by to chat with us on the SportsEpreneur Podcast while on this journey of his.

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Empowering Others to be Happy with David Meltzer

Culture and Cash

Being Aware of Your Ego

Learning From Your Experiences

Finding Your Truth Tellers as told by David Meltzer

Voting for What You Want In Your Life

The Importance of Continuous Learning

The Content You Consume Can Make You Better

Attaching Happiness to an Outcome

Empowering Your Team to Improve as David Meltzer Does Daily

The Power of Giving Content



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