Doug Middleton | From NFL to Mental Health Advocacy and Dream Yoga + Wellness
Doug Middleton | From NFL to Mental Health Advocacy and Dream Yoga + Wellness

Doug Middleton | From NFL to Mental Health Advocacy and Dream Yoga + Wellness

In this episode of Athlete Mindset, host Lisa Bonta Sumii shares space with Doug Middleton, a six-year NFL veteran and mental health advocate. Doug shares his journey through professional football, his transition to becoming a yoga instructor and studio owner of Dream Yoga and Wellness, and his passionate advocacy for mental health through his leadership of the Dream The Impossible Foundation. From discussing the importance of building relationships and enjoying the journey in the NFL to his passion for yoga and mental health, this episode explores resilience, purpose, and well-being.

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Doug Middleton | From NFL to Mental Health Advocacy and Dream Yoga + Wellness” Highlights:

  • Doug Middleton’s insights into the critical role of relationships and intangibles in the NFL.
  • The significant impact of yoga on physical and mental well-being.
  • The importance of mental health advocacy, inspired by personal loss and the desire to support others.
  • The mission of the Dream The Impossible Foundation — to focus on the mental health of African American male student-athletes.
  • The perspective and lessons Doug hopes to impart to his daughter, emphasizing faith, positivity, and being present.
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About Dream Yoga + Wellness and Doug Middleton:

Doug Middleton played 6 years in the NFL. During his career, he learned from some of the best athletes in the world. One common theme across Doug’s career that he observed with these elite athletes was their attention to detail and their personal investment in wellness resources, emphasizing both mind and body, which led to their success on the field. Doug was also able to see that these athletes had access to some of the best medical providers across the country. Dream Yoga and Wellness was created to bring the same luxury wellness resources to those who may never step foot in an NFL locker room but deserve the same level of care. Dream Yoga and Wellness will have 5 minority partners who have also played in the NFL with a combination of over 40 years of NFL experience. These partners also believe in the importance of Yoga, Mental Health, and the focus on investing in one’s personal wellness.
In 2017 Doug Middleton lost his best friend to suicide. This event became a pivotal moment in his life – leading to a passion and purpose in advocating for mental health education and resources. Doug has spoken at numerous corporations, foundations, high schools, and colleges. He has also won numerous awards, including the NFL Community MVP and Appalachian State 2022 Young Alumni Recipient, amongst many others. Doug and his wife also created their foundation, Dream The Impossible, which has helped over 10,000 youth over the past 5 years, connecting them to mental health resources, career and goal-setting education, and financial literacy. Doug discovered yoga in 2014 and became a yoga teacher in early 2022. Doug uses his background in athletics and his experience in mental health to provide a unique yoga experience focusing on mind and body.
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