Simplifying Sports Science And Overcoming Adversity With Dr. Erik Korem, Founder Of AIM7
Simplifying Sports Science And Overcoming Adversity With Dr. Erik Korem, Founder Of AIM7

Simplifying Sports Science and Overcoming Adversity with Dr. Erik Korem, Founder of AIM7

In this episode of The Sports Backdrop, we’re joined by a sports scientist who is bridging the gap between data and action in the wearable tech and mHealth space, Dr. Erik Korem. With over 15 years of experience as a High Performance director in collegiate football and the NFL, and as the founder of AIM7, Dr. Korem uses his in-depth knowledge and experience to provide realistic, science-backed guidance for everyday people seeking to improve their health and wellness.

In this conversation with Dr. Erik Korem of AIM7, we discuss:

  • His days playing college football at Texas A&M, including the challenges and transitions he faced with a head coaching change going into his senior year.
  • Dealing with unfortunate circumstances in his college football career and how the mantra of “chopping wood” kept him persevering.
  • His personal experience with bullying. He shares a powerful story about the resolution of a bullying incident and the long-term effects that it had on his life (and his bully’s).
  • The concept of enforcing your will and the power that holds in achieving your goals.
  • Navigating the overwhelming world of biohacking. We discuss the overload of information available and how to sift through it effectively.
  • Practical tips for improving physical fitness, including simple actions anyone can incorporate into their daily lives.
  • The benefits and frustrations of wearable tech. We explore the confusion surrounding these devices and how to make the best use of them.
  • The crucial importance of taking time off, both for your physical and mental wellbeing.
  • The reason behind having a podcast (The Blueprint), appearing on podcasts, and producing a large amount of content. He shares insights on the impact content creation can provide.
  • Straightforward strategies for improving sleep and overall health, based on scientific research and practical experience.

Dr. Korem also introduces us to his organization, AIM7. Built for real people with busy lives, AIM7 is designed to offer customized, science-backed guidance that has never been available to the public at this level. The aim is to empower people to feel and look their best without having to be a professional athlete or chase unsustainable trends.

This was an enlightening conversation, filled with practical guidance, and stories of overcoming adversity.

More about Dr. Erik Korem, PhD:

Erik Korem is the founder and CEO of AIM7, a health and wellness content creator, and a former NFL sports scientist. His mission is centered around equipping people with the confidence and knowledge to live a healthy and fulfilled life. He is making advancements in wearable technology that will be the most personal device to date in order to create unique lifestyle changes and habits for each and every individual.

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