Drive Results for Others—The Magic Johnson Way

Drive Results for Others—The Magic Johnson Way

The best passers in NBA history have had a knack for driving results for others. Magic Johnson, one of the game’s best ever, could pass like no other. He did it in a way that captivated people. He had fun, he helped others succeed, and as a result, he succeeded. What a concept!

If you drive results for others, you will succeed.

Too often I see people—or whole organizations—focused on their own success and not the success of those around them. It’s not necessarily to the extent of hurting others, just not looking out for them, not trying to help. And that’s not a good way to do things.

Maybe you’re thinking that you’ve worked hard for your success, and you don’t see anything wrong with that. Well, neither do I. You can work for both—success for yourself and success for those around you.

That’s what great passers in the NBA did and do.

Magic didn’t need to pass the ball to have success. He could score on his own easily, and he often did. But he realized that helping those around him helped the team—which ultimately helped everybody on the team, including him.

Whether you’re on an organized team or not, there are people you rely on to achieve the success you want. They may be coworkers, colleagues, employees, clients, customers, strategic partners or readers, but whoever they are, help them.

If you don’t have a large team, but instead lead yourself, the same can hold true. Do you have clients, do you have readers, do you have people paying attention in any way? Help them.

Successful people are almost always those who took care of the people on their teams and who provided good value for customers or clients. People who just look out for number one—well, you rarely hear about any of them.

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