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Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast Clip: Serve Others

Serve Others to Serve Yourself by Steve McGuiggan, Owner of The Minnesota Mash

Business owner and former baseball player, Steve McGuiggan was on our KazSource podcast, Entrepreneur Perspectives. Steve has a clear passion for the game of baseball and has fallen in love with building a business. All of this became possible when he transitioned from being a player to being a coach.

Steve now has the perspective of a coach and a business owner and has seen that serving others is the best thing for everyone, including himself.

In this podcast clip, Steve gives us his thoughts on this topic of serving others and the moment he came to realize how amazing this was.

This audio video is from our recent “Entrepreneur Perspectives” Podcast, Episode 32: Perspectives of a Baseball Business Owner with Steve McGuiggan.


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Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash