Event + Response = Outcome with Tim Kight (E+R=O) | A Podcast Discussion | Ohio Statdium | TBDBITL | SportsEpreneur
Event + Response = Outcome with Tim Kight (E+R=O) | A Podcast Discussion | Ohio Statdium | TBDBITL | SportsEpreneur

SE40 | Event + Response = Outcome with Tim Kight (E+R=O) | A Podcast Discussion

Talent is a gift, uncommon is a choice. In this episode, we chat with Tim Kight, Founder of Focus 3 and host of The Focus 3 Podcast with Urban Meyer. We discuss many topics including event + response = outcome, uncommon people, and wide receiver Michael Thomas.    

Tim’s business has a mission is to help companies around the world align the power of leadership, culture, and behavior to achieve next-level results. 

I originally learned of Tim Kight when hearing stories about the Ohio State Buckeyes leadership program they had created soon after the 2012 season. There was a phrase I kept hearing over and over. E+R=O. I was confused–what math problem are the Buckeyes working on. And then it was explained. Event + Response = Outcome. An event happens. Your response to that event determines the outcome.

Some examples Event + Response = Outcome (E+R=O)

You are driving down the road, a car cuts you off. How do you respond? Do you get angry? Do you return the favor? Or do you move on? You can imagine the different outcomes.

Your boss provides clear feedback that your work is not satisfactory. Do you get defensive? Do you leave for the day? Or do you take the feedback and attempt to use it to get better? Again, you can imagine the different outcomes.

You can apply E+R=O in many situations. This podcast is about that and more.

For the Buckeye’s football program, they took this E+R=O and leadership to heart. Before the season, their star quarterback, Braxton Miller was injured. He would be out for the season. Enter, Redshirt Freshman, JT Barrett. Tim Kight and the Buckeyes identified JT Barrett as an uncommon leader. They entrusted him to be the starter.

After a slow start, JT Barrett found his stride and delivered an incredible season. Until “The Game” vs Michigan, he would get injured–the second quarterback. Out for the season. Enter, Cardale Jones. All Cardale Jones would do is lead his team to a College Football National Championship. Talk about events — significant injuries to key players. And think of how those events could have led to less than ideal responses by the coaches, players, and team. Somehow the Buckeyes managed to win it all. Why? Well, the talent of course played a role. Opportunity played a role. E+R=O played a role–a major role. The way they responded to the event.

As I continued to pay attention to the Ohio State football program, it was clear the amazing leadership the program had. I came to realize the impact Tim Kight was having behind the scenes. 

I would encourage you to become a subscriber to The Focus 3 Podcast. It will absolutely be a difference-maker for you. Tim Kight is joined by Urban Meyer on this podcast show.

Let’s get into this episode: Event + Response = Outcome and Mental Toughness with Tim Kight on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

Event + Response = Outcome with Tim Kight Headlines (E+R=O)

The Importance of Having a Noticer and Truth-Teller

Event + Response = Outcome (E+R=O)

Getting Better Every Day

Aligning Self Awareness with Experiences

Being Uncommon

Leading with Purpose

Applying Positive Pressure

Being Consistent with Motivation


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