SE67 | Generating Fan Engagement with Chase Baker of the Fan Controlled Football League

The voice of the fans matters! A conversation all about generating unique fan engagement with Chase Baker, former Boise State Bronco and Minnesota Viking, and current Defensive Line Coach for the Fan Controlled Football League (FCF). 

In this SE Podcast episode, Chase and Eric discuss FCF, Chase’s playing days at Boise State playing for Coach Peterson, and the life of a college and professional athlete. 

Chase has experience in locker rooms as a former Boise State Bronco and Minnesota Viking–and he keeps those strong cultures instilled in him to this day. 

FCF is pro football re-imagined for the modern digital world. If you haven’t heard of the Fan Controlled Football League, you will. The Fan Controlled Football League sits between traditional sports and gaming and pulls fans in from both sides.  

With a focus on engagement and revolutionizing the game, you can imagine our excitement to feature Chase on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

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Fan Controlled Football League | Chase Baker Talks Generating Fan Engagement

Creating Fan Engagement in Football

What is Fan Controlled Football (FCF)?

The Media Landscape in Sports

The Unique Atmosphere of Boise State Football and All Possibilities

Chase’s Recruitment Process and Overcoming Adversity

Playing with Coach Peterson

The Transition from College Football to the NFL

How Chase Got Into Coaching

Revolutionizing the Game of Football

Why Athletes NEED to Build Their Brand




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