Why I’m a Fan: John Priore on the Mets and Jets

Growing up in New York, you typically choose a pair of teams; The Jets and the Mets or the Giants and the Yankees.  

On one side, you have proven success, excitement, and 31 combined championships 

On the other side, you have heartbreak, disappointment, and just 3 championships- none since 1986.  

Honestly, I didn’t choose my side. I was born into being a Mets and Jets fan, so I can thank my family for a lifetime of suffering.  

I often get asked the question, “Why did you choose to be a Mets and Jets fan, they stink!” And while I tend to laugh off the question, I got to thinking. Why am I a fan of these teams? I could easily make the switch and hop on the more successful bandwagon 

But honestly, I enjoy that my teams suck.   

I enjoy getting laughed at when I go in public with a Mark Sanchez jersey on. And oh, by the way. Say what you want about Mark Sanchez, but he brought the Jets to two AFC Championship games in a row which is much more than and Jet quarterback of my lifetime could say.  

And frankly, since my teams are that bad, it makes success even better.  

Think about it.

The Yankees have 27 (yes, you read that right) championships, so that means any year they don’t win the World Series is a bust. Expectations are too high. Where’s the fun in that?

However, as a Mets fan, I get to enjoy any victory, no matter how small. I get to look forward to the possibility of success at any moment.

2015 was the first time in my lifetime (not including 2000 when I was 4) that one of my teams played in a championship game. That team was the Mets. I still remember skipping an Intramural Flag Football game and missing my Computer Information Systems class during this series because my eyes were glued to the television.  

I was the happiest I had ever been as a sports fan. Just watching one of my favorite teams compete for a championship gave me pure joy, especially after all the years of failure.

The Mets ultimately went on to lose the World Series that year, but I was still happy.

Those moments of success don’t come often for fans of the Mets or the Jets, but they make it all worth it. And believing in the process gives me something to look forward to each season.

Ya Gotta Believe, as we Mets fans say!


Why are you a fan of your team? Tell us your story.

Image of Metlife Stadium was taken by yToyoda under the Creative Commons 2.0 Attribution License.