The Fantasy Football Counselor Speaks His Mind in a $20 Billion Industry! | SportsE+
The Fantasy Football Counselor Speaks His Mind in a $20 Billion Industry! | SportsE+

SE75 | The Fantasy Football Counselor Speaks His Mind in a $20 Billion Industry!

Fantasy sports is a $20 billion industry. And The Fantasy Football Counselor (aka Joseph Robert K’amo) is coming for it!

In this SportsE+ podcast episode, we talk with The Fantasy Football Counselor himself — and he makes it known that he is the best there is in fantasy football. He provides his own unique style that is filled with confidence, honesty, and in-your-face content. He is a disrupter in the fantasy football industry and he loves it.

Underneath all of it, is the loss of his father. Growing up watching football with his father is what he remembers–and when his father suddenly passed, Joseph Robert K’amo took his passion for football and fantasy football to another level.

The Fantasy Football Counselor has confidence for days and in this competitive market, he knows he needs to stand out. He is front and center on YouTube (with 30K+ subscribers) and Instagram (242K followers) — and his appeal is the aggressive style that his fans love (and some hate), but he is there for all of it.

Ultimately, The Fantasy Football Counselor is creating a ton of content and then repurposing that content — and with it, he is earning fans and selling products — all of it around a passion born from his upbringing and father. As he says, he couldn’t possibly work for someone else, so he is all in on this entrepreneurship journey. And this episode shows you that if you have a passion for something there’s a chance you could turn what you love into what you do. And The Fantasy Football Counselor does it every day, all the while, speaking his mind in a $20 billion industry! (statistics source)

In this SportsE+ podcast episode, The Fantasy Football Counselor talks:

More about Joseph Robert K’amo | The Fantasy Football Counselor:

Unexpected tragedies are never a part of the game plan when it comes to life. For some, life’s trials and tribulations that are thrown at us in a whirlwind often lead to several stages of grief, including depression, anger, denial –– and hope.

Throughout the cycle of grief, when acceptance is near, some decide to throw a Hail Mary and rise from the ashes of grief, like Joseph Robert K’amo, founder of the popular sports podcast, The Fantasy Football Counselor.  His grief led him to chase his passion of being the authentic voice of sports after his beloved father suddenly passed away five years ago.

Unfulfilled in his previous line of work as a salesperson, Joseph had a life-changing epiphany that led him to re-evaluate his life and career after his father’s passing. Since that day, Joseph has been transforming the way football fans make educated decisions about drafting and managing their fantasy football teams through his show where Joseph brings truth to his avid listeners.

Building his business from the ground up over the past 5+ years, Joseph has given a voice to the fans. His podcast receives 20K – 40K downloads per episode and his honesty is appreciated by fans nationwide.

Joseph is a former MMA fighter, loves the underdog, and studies the game of football with a passion. He has paid the price through hard work and perseverance to see the success in business he has earned today, and because of that, he would love for you to hear more about his passion for fantasy football.

The Fantasy Football Guru | website | Instagram | YouTube

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