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FC Cincinnati | Create Something for Those That May Care

Big Thanks to @chelseyeatsdc for being a SportsEpreneur contributor with this image of Cincinnati’s MLS Soccer Club

Create something locally for those that may care.

Cincinnati has always been a great sports city. The Cincinnati Reds (MLB) and Cincinnati Bengals (NFL) each have a passionate fanbase. High School Football is a big deal in all of Ohio, including Cincinnati. And with soccer growing in the USA, it made sense that Cincinnati would be rewarded with an MLS Franchise. FC Cincinnati moved up to the top level US Soccer League (MLS) in 2018.

FC Cincinnati may not be a household name, but that doesn’t matter. They have a following and they give the locals and the tourists a reason to show up because of the city’s loyalty and stadium atmosphere. They may not be close to the best team (they may even be in last place at the moment), but they have the attention of those that care.

This great image of the FC Cincinnati is a reminder that you don’t need to be worldwid–you need to matter to those that may care and those that are interested. That’s at least how you start. And if you do it in a medium that has growth potential (for today, tomorrow, and the future–like soccer in the USA), then you have a potential for a good thing–a thing that matters.

And if nothing else, who doesn’t appreciate a good view of the soccer pitch.

Are you showcasing your good work in your town to those that may care?

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