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Finding Identity Outside of Sport | Northwestern Softball Player, Sydney Supple | From The Players E7

This “finding identity outside of sport” episode gets to the heart of so many athletes’ stories. Sydney Supple gives you an important reminder that you are more than your sport.

In this episode of From The Players, you will hear from me personally (Sydney Supple) as I open my heart to all of you about my journey to finding my identity outside of my sport. You will learn more about who I am off the field and how that has helped me on the field love my sport even more.

Full summary of the episode “Finding Identity Outside of Sport”:

Sydney Supple, the host of From The Players and a senior softball player at Northwestern University, shares her experiences and discusses various topics, including her journey in sports journalism, the challenges she faced, her inspirations, and the importance of finding passions outside of sports.

Throughout the episode, Sydney discusses the importance of having mentors and how she found guidance through a woman named Sue Enquist, a legendary UCLA softball coach. Through her connection with Sue, Sydney landed an internship at Voice and Sport, where she wrote articles and created content, realizing her potential as a journalist.

Later, Sydney joined CBS Sports as a digital content creator for their all-female broadcast show called “We Need to Talk.” She emphasizes the importance of storytelling in sports journalism and how it brings people together as a community.

Sydney also highlights her love for her family and her faith, which has played a significant role in her life. She shares her testimony and how her faith has helped her through hardships, giving her strength and hope. She encourages others to find their own faith and incorporate it into their lives and sports.

In addition to her love for journalism and faith, Sydney talks about her passion for working out and how it has helped her become the best version of herself. She emphasizes the importance of embracing every moment in life, especially as an athlete, and cherishing the memories created with teammates and friends.

Sydney expresses gratitude for the podcast community and encourages listeners to be open and honest with themselves and others. She reiterates the importance of finding passions outside of sports and embracing every aspect of life, as these experiences shape who we are as individuals.

About Sydney Supple

  • Born and raised in Oshkosh, WI
    • Pitcher and First Baseman for Northwestern University
    • 2022 Big Ten Champion and 2022 Women’s College World Series
    • Majoring in Journalism at Medill
    • Content Creator for CBS Sports on the We Need To Talk show
    • Big Ten and ESPN+ color commentator and play-by-play analyst
    • Host of the Podcast, From The Players
    • Northwestern Wildcats player page
    • Social Media handles: Twitter | Instagram | TikTok
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