I Am A SportsEpreneur | Shane Larson, The Gametime Guru

I Am a SportsEpreneur | Shane Larson, The Gametime Guru

The “I Am a SportsEpreneur” text-based interview series is an opportunity to showcase difference makers in and around the world of sports, business, and media. If you think you are a SportsEpreneur, then hit us up! Now we chat with Shane Larson, The Gametime Guru.

I’m Shane Larson, Founder and Host of The Gametime Guru Podcast which is a sports show designed to deliver a panoramic view on sports. As a sports analyst and enthusiast, I interview sports figures from across the globe to help them get their stories on my platform. 
1) What is your main focus today with your business? 
My main focus is to help others to see that athletes have much more to them than what meets the eye. Each sports figure has a story they want to share, and my goal is to help them share it. My focus is to build the Gametime Guru Brand through content creation and inspiring stories. 

2) What is your number one challenge in business?

The main struggle I’ve found with my podcast is monetizing regularly. I mention regularly because some months are more successful than others when it comes to monetization. 

3) What is your strategy for working on the above challenge? 

Recently I’ve been focused mainly on landing sponsorships that will pay regularly to help me promote my podcast. I’ve landed my first sponsor and with that, the traction starts. 

4) Who is your target market? 

It sounds crazy, but I have a few different markets that are targeted with my podcast but hear me out (as I know this sounds counterproductive) 
One audience is people like my sister. She doesn’t care for sports, and typically doesn’t watch them unless she is watching me (for support) or she has some sort of emotional tie to the players/coaches, etc. (For example, she might watch a game when she knows the Coach has donated to a certain charity or knows something personal about them because it draws out the emotion)
I have another market for athletes. Former, current, and future. Those who want to hear from sports figures on how to get to that “next level” and learn what it takes to be great at that level. 
Another target audience for The Gametime Guru is sports fans who may not have played sports but enjoy learning about those sports figures and such! 
5) What’s your marketing focus–social media, speaking, networking. 
Social Media is a big key for me and my audience interaction. I post regularly and interact with my audiences on Social Media on all platforms. The struggle with Social Media however is transferring those followers into Podcast Subscribers. 
Currently, I’m focused a lot on building my email list as well. Which is why my website and merchandise funnel is super important. 
Each guest I speak with, I ask them if there are other guests I can speak with on my show and through them, I have been able to network with multiple individuals. 
6) How are you challenging the status quo in your industry? 
I am providing a different perspective on sports. I am not doing a typical “stats breakdown and analysis” on my show. 

7) What sport do you think has a bright future and a quick take on why? 

Two sports. Cornhole, and eSports. Both of them are going to take off with the COVID-19 pandemic. As a sponsor for a Cornhole team in Idaho (who made it onto ESPN), I have seen the immense growth of each of these sports! 

8) List a few books and/or blogs/vlogs/social media accounts you pay attention to? (include links if possible) 
It Takes What it Takes by Trevor Moawad – Book that is incredibly powerful! 
Work on Your Game by Dre Baldwin (another great book)
SWIM by Walter Bond 
And I absolutely LOVE listening to the Leadership Defined Podcast by Arnel Catic 
9) Anything else you want to add- inspiration, a story, a lesson learned from a leader in your life, why you are excited about the future, what your concerns are?  
I’ll tell you this. A few of the biggest things I’ve learned:
1. YOU HAVE TO START PUBLISHING!! So many people talk about it, and never do anything about it! YOU HAVE TO START!! 
2. You must remain consistent! Consistency is not just to help you find new people and audiences, it’s also essential for credibility. If someone comes across your content in a year, and they go back to check what you have published, and they see that you have published consistently for over a year, you will have so much more credibility to your name and your brand! 
3. You MUST keep pushing. So many people who are content creators will go strong for 3-6 months, but they tend to drop off shortly thereafter. They don’t see an immediate ROI so they end up quitting. There’s a lot to the game of content creation and brand building. You must keep moving forward! 
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