GuestBlogger Terms of Service


Content rights & responsibilities

You own the rights to the content you create and submit for posting on SportsEpreneur or through the subsidiaries of its parent company, KazSource, Inc. (hereby referred to only as KazSource).

You give us a nonexclusive license to publish your content, including anything reasonably related to publishing it (like storing, displaying, reformatting, and distributing it). KazSource may utilize advertising or other methods of revenue generation through its sites, social media accounts, or other platforms, yet these revenues are not shared with the content creator or are there any rights to these revenues by granting KazSource permission to publish or utilize your content.  KazSource will never sell your content to third parties without your explicit permission.

KazSource has the right to publish or remove your content at any time for any reason.

You assume all risks and responsibilities related to the content you submit, including claims relating to intellectual property, accuracy, or other legal rights. By submitting content to KazSource for publishing, you are representing that you are its creator or you are fully authorized to have the right to do so. If you are not it’s creator, you will inform KazSource of the content’s creator.

You may, upon written request, remove your content from KazSource at any time, with the understanding that to process such requests will not be immediate and may take some time. Further, you also understand that due to caching and the archival nature of various sites on the internet, including social media platforms, your content may never be completely removed and KazSource will not be held responsible for these systems it does not control.