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Harry Kane’s Goal Proves There Are No Excuses

Harry Kane scored a ridiculous goal in his Premier League match against Leicester City—and it got me thinking about excuses.

Let’s be real; excuses enter your mind from time to time. It’s too cold to take the dog for a walk. I would have made the sale if the email server hadn’t gone down this morning. The refs made us lose. And so on and on and on. But Harry Kane had a great excuse—he was taken down. He was actually on his way to the ground when he somehow got his leg back and took the shot.

He made the goal anyway.

In soccer, especially youth soccer, we always hear excuses. The refs blew it. The other team is older. The other players were playing unfairly. The pitch wasn’t well-kept. And on and on and on. This isn’t just in soccer either of course. It exists in all sports, in personal fitness, in daily living, and in work.

There are excuses in all aspects of what we do. And guess what—no one cares about the excuses. What they care about is a moment like Harry Kane’s goal for his Tottenham Hotspurs. Sure, no one else is Harry Kane, and very few players in the world can strike a ball like him. And he practices all the time and has access to the world’s best trainers. But see, now we’re getting into excuses again.

The thing is, he could have missed. Even the best players do, sometimes. Not making excuses doesn’t mean never failing, we’re all human. It means putting the effort in to make the goal instead of wasting time thinking about why you can’t make it.

And that’s what Harry Kane did. When he was going down to the ground with seemingly no chance at getting a kick-off, his mind and body gave no excuses, just effort. 

And a goal.

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