Henrik Hjarsbæk - sports psychologist and mental training for soccer and football players
Henrik Hjarsbæk - sports psychologist and mental training for soccer and football players

SE69 | Sports Psychology and Mental Training with Henrik Hjarsbæk

“To be the best, you must overcome your inner and outer opponents.” – Henrik Hjarsbæk. 

Welcome to this episode of the SportsEpreneur Podcast where Eric Kasimov has an introspective conversation around soccer (football) and mental training with sports psychologist and mental trainer, Henrik Hjarsbæk. 

By going to a mental trainer, you learn to deal with pressure, fear, and nervousness. You learn to perform well even when you have negative thoughts, low self-esteem, and experience disturbances. All of these training areas help you beat your opponent both on the inside and outside. 

Specifically in this episode, we talk about how to apply mental training to the game, the uniqueness every footballer has on the pitch, journaling your feelings, youth soccer, the goalkeeping position, Henrik’s time playing with top football clubs in Denmark, his transition from footballer to mental trainer, and much more in this wide-ranging sports and mental training discussion. 

We hope you enjoy this episode with Henrik Hjarsbæk. 

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Sports Psychology and Mental Training with Henrik Hjarsbæk

Why Mentality is So Important to Henrik Hjarsbæk

Henrik Hjarsbæk’s Soccer and Mental Health Journey

How to Handle Expectations

The Mindset of a Goalkeeper

The Importance of Player Development

Focusing on the Little Things to Improve

What Does Mental Training Entail?

The Importance of Support in Youth Sports

The Mental Effect of “Hanging Up the Cleats”

Going “All In”

Denmark National Team

Soccer in the United States 




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