How the Oregon Ducks Up-Tempo Offense Can Be Applied to Your Business

Imagine going after some great business opportunities. You know they won’t all close, but some of them will. The more opportunities you create for yourself, the better your chance of success. Right?

That’s the simple version of the Oregon Ducks offense.

An up-tempo style offense might not seem that radical now, but that’s because it works so well that other teams have adopted it. The Ducks were the innovators. Then the philosophy spread to other college teams. Chip Kelly, the former coach of Oregon, brought it to the NFL, first with the Philadelphia Eagles and now with the San Francisco 49ers. It’s a winning idea, and it works off the football field, too.

Take Mitch Long, a Sales Vice President in our Insurance Consulting Company, KazSource. Mitch knows through years of experience that the more chances he gets, the more he will win. He creates his opportunities through non-stop activity, by showing up and making himself accessible.

Oregon does the same thing by running plays fast. Sometimes six seconds after one play ends, they are snapping the ball again. Opposing teams aren’t used to that. Just like prospects aren’t used to someone like Mitch being so on top of things all the time.

How can you use the up-tempo offense? Maybe you can get more appointments. If the average amount of appointments per week is 20, get 30. Maybe you can apply for more contracts or network with more people. Whatever way works for you in your business, get creative and find a way to fit more opportunities in. Think about it in terms of ratios—even if your win rate is low, if you try to win more often, your number of wins is going to go up.

And if your win rate is already good? Well, it worked for the Oregon Ducks, didn’t it?


3 Key Points:

1) Law of averages works in your favor…create more opportunities, you’ll create more wins.

2) Be creative with your schedule to find more ways to more opportunities.

3) For each opportunity you have, act like it is your only opportunity. Focus on it.



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Image of a football game between Oregon and USC at the Autzen Stadium taken by Ray Terrill under Creative Commons license