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SE - Sports Bring People Together - podcast cover

SE38 | How Playing Sports Impacts the Youth with Charles Leichtweis

Playing sports creates many opportunities for progress. This episode features the business leader, Charles Leichtweis. Charles is the Managing Director of Experts in How. We discuss the importance of sports, relationships, and youth sports culture.  

Charles was originally featured on our Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast which you can find on our KazSource website. It became clear after chatting with Charles, that he truly is a master of “how”. We often talk about the Why and the What for important reasons, but the How should not be forgotten. The How validates and aligns the Why and the What to create sustainable, profitable growth.

As a former athlete, soccer coach, and soccer parent, Charles has seen the good, bad, and the ugly when it comes to youth sports. We invited Charles into our office to share his sports insights with us in this conversation.

As a result of Charles’ clear delivery and insights, we are excited to chat with him on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

Headlines for How Playing Sports Impacts the Youth with Charles Leichtweis

The Importance of Sports

Parents Being Advocates for Their Children

The Power of Encouragement in Youth Athletes

Learning From Your Losses

The Importance of Relationships in Sports

How Leadership Impacts Teams


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