Hue Blew It, Young QB Hype, and Not Sold On Sam Darnold

Sam Darnold, Hue Jackson, Baker Mayfield

Hue Blew It, Young QB Hype, and Not Sold On Sam Darnold

Firm takes on Hue Jackson, Quarterback Hype, and Sam Darnold | An Extra Point Attempt by Eric

Hue Jackson and Baker Mayfield

If the Cleveland Browns had started Baker Mayfield week one, the Browns would be 3-0 as I write this. The Browns fans knew this. The Buffalo Bills fans knew this. So why didn’t Hue Jackson?

Hue blew it, and that’s that!

Tyrod Taylor is one of the good guys, the guy you want to win. But he isn’t the answer as a starting quarterback. Take it from a suffering Bills fan. A great guy for the roster, a great backup (maybe one of the best), but a starter to take you far he is not.

Quarterback Hype

But here’s where I caution people—don’t go crazy over one win. Baker Mayfield is exciting and fun to watch, and he should have started, but he’s nobody’s MVP, yet. Like all the young quarterbacks out there, he still has a ways to go.

We need to see how they handle losing streaks, playing on the road, getting schemed for, and getting hit over and over again during a long season. How will they handle the media? Will their personal lives create distractions? Let them be tested a few times before you give them a grade!

Sam Darnold, Nope

Speaking of media…. The New York media have no problems going right to the hard questions. Is Sam Darnold ready for all that? After week one’s destruction of the pathetic Detroit Lions, all I heard was that Darnold was bound to win a few Super Bowls. Perhaps. Or…perhaps people overreacted? Yes that’s it!

I’m not there on Sam Darnold. I felt he was over-hyped coming into the draft, and I felt that the week one win over the Lions was the worst thing for him.

More than anything, I feel Darnold is still living off that Penn State bowl win at the end of the 2016 season. He was amazing that night. He was dropping dimes. He announced himself to the football world. But that was a while ago and that was one game—a bowl game that tends to showcase fireworks.

In the game against the Browns, Darnold pulled back a few times with pressure in his face. Throwing with his momentum seemingly going backwards. I will say Baker Mayfield threw bad balls too—but the Jets just didn’t pick them off.

Going back to Darnold’s college days, the 2017 games against Washington State, Notre Dame, and Ohio State were all losses that had me concerned on Darnold—still do. Those were the three best defenses he faced last year and he lost all three and simply didn’t fare well. His end-game statistics look better than how he performed. You need context from the game, not just stats, if you want to understand a player. Those stats lie. He did have Stanford’s number in 2017, but that was when Stanford’s defense was ranked 76th. Beating them is just not that impressive.

The bottom line is I am not in on Sam Darnold at all right now.

Next up for him and the Jets is Jalen Ramsey and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Best of luck. 1-3 is coming up. And then the media and all the doubters will be in full force.

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By Erik Drost (Cleveland Browns vs. New York Giants) [CC BY 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

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