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Idea Execution Is Everything | as Shown by Leicester City FC

Big Thanks to @dannyygreenwood for being a SportsEpreneur contributor with this idea execution video from the Leicester City vs Huddersfield Town.


Execution of an idea is everything. An idea becomes a strategy that then demands execution.

In this video you see James Maddison of Leicester City execute the plan to perfection. “What a beauty”! Our SportsEpreneur contributor, Danny, was live at the game and got this amazing angle of the goal for all to enjoy. And as a reminder that execution matters—big!

Soccer is a sport where sometimes one goal is all it takes so the execution piece is critical. The same applies to business. A project for a client or a new venture demands execution as you see in this video.

It all starts with an idea. And then it’s all about what you do with the idea that matters. There are many ideas out there–it’s the ones that were executed on that live to tell a story. Keep going with the ideas, keep the creativity flowing, but remember execution is what leads to an idea that can stand out.

And of course, it’s just fun to watch a thing of beauty take place on the pitch in the Premier League.

What idea are you executing on today? And what fútbol/soccer game will you experience next?

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