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Jacob deGrom for Cy Young

If you have followed the New York Mets this season, you have my condolences. After the exciting 11-1 start, the Mets completely fell off the map. Realistically, fans had only one reason to even watch the team this year—Jacob deGrom.

DeGrom pitched a stellar season and ended his historic year by shutting out the playoff-bound Atlanta Braves. He is now a serious contender for the Cy Young Award.

The only other pitcher in contention is Max Scherzer of the Washington Nationals.  He hoisted a record of 18-7 and an ERA of 2.53. He also eclipsed 300 strikeouts, a great feat. But that ERA is almost a full point worse than Jacob deGrom’s, a truly remarkable 1.70.

But, as usual, there are naysayers. People point to deGrom’s record for the year, and yeah, it’s not great. But that’s because he played for a team that’s not great. I mean, he never allowed more than four runs in a game all season. If he had played for a team that scored even three runs per game, his record would look more like 20-6.

Don’t penalize the best pitcher in baseball just because the Mets cannot score runs.

If deGrom is not chosen for the Cy Young Award, Major League Baseball may want to reconsider who they have voting and how they are choosing the award winners.

This has simply been the year of deGromination.

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