Jacob Newton, Contributor at SportsEpreneur.com, is a professional hockey player and mental health coach. He is the host of the RAV Podcast Series on SportsEpreneur.

Jake is the sum of his past experiences. With some beautiful labels that he’s grateful to have.

A father to his two beautiful children, Harper and Nash.

A mental health advocate.

A professional hockey player.

Mental health has become his biggest passion outside of being a father and a hockey player. Jake has created content centered around his journey of self-healing and mental health and now he is taking his game to the next level with this podcast series on SportsEpreneur.

It is his goal to be relatable in his approach by being raw, authentic and vulnerable.

Jake wants the world to be a healthier place–for himself, and more importantly, his two kids.

The RAV podcast is centered around Jake’s unique stories and experiences with mental health and specifically, mental health in sports. Jake Newton will feature guests that have experienced things on their journey that has impacted their mental state. Things that have happened to them.

All of it… Raw, Authentic, and Vulnerable.

RAV Jake Newton

RAV | Prioritizing Your Mental Health with Brendan Valko

Prioritizing your mental health at an early stage in your career may be just what you need. In this second episode of the RAV Podcast Series, Jake chats with Brendan Valko, a former hockey player, mental health client of Jake Newtons, and high level skills coach. Jake and Brendan discuss how the conversations they have…

RAV | Raw, Authentic, and Vulnerable with Jake Newton

Welcome to the RAV Podcast Series hosted by Jake Newton on SportsEpreneur. SportsEpreneur is the content platform where sports and entrepreneurship collide! It’s for the deep-rooted and not so average. If you are in or around the world of sports and are interested in A) being featured as a guest, or B) looking to collaborate…