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SE60 | Jeff Dudan | Undercover Boss, App State Football, and Entrepreneurship

A dose of entrepreneurial encouragement! As our guest says, “there are a lot of exciting things in this world if you apply yourself and try.” In this episode, we feature the Undercover Boss, entrepreneur, founder, former App State University football player, and impactful youth sports coach, Jeff Dudan. Jeff shares his stories around being a student-athlete, the transition from sports to entrepreneurship, lessons from coaching youth sports, and models of thought.

Jeff is the Founder and CEO of Dudan Partners and author of the new book, Discernment

Dudan Partners consults with businesses in and around franchising focused on driving rapid and sustainable growth. Dudan Partners provides a turn-key platform that brings together the franchise industry, marketing, operations, finance, and successful exit expertise. 

In 2017 Dudan was featured in the hit reality television show, Undercover Boss. At that time he was the CEO of AdvantaClean, the company he founded in 1994. AdvantaClean is a water restoration and mold remediation service company that is now franchised in over 230 territories.

We are grateful for the encouragement, wisdom, and stories that Jeff shared. It was exciting to chat with this hard-working and opportunistic entrepreneur on the SportsEpreneur Podcast.


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Jeff Dudan | Undercover Boss, App State Football, and Entrepreneurship

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