SE57 | Tell Your Story the Way You Want It to Be Heard | Jonathan Lubic

Finding opportunities during trying times. In this episode, we feature the Co-Founder & President of Distinction Agency, Jonathan Lubic. Having the mindset to even think about opportunity starts with telling your story the way you want it to be heard.

That line about telling your story is so true. It’s why we were excited to feature Jonathan on the SportsEpreneur podcast. Eric and Jonathan specifically discuss Covid-19’s impact on sports leagues, pivoting in business, and influencer marketing. 

Distinction Agency is an organization that connects brands and influencers in the sports world. The power of creating opportunities and having that “go get it” mentality is what influencer marketing is all about. That’s where Distinction comes in. 

We are grateful that the Distinction team found our podcast as it was uplifting to chat with the opportunistic, Jonathan Lubic on the SportsEpreneur Podcast.


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Tell Your Story the Way You Want It to Be Heard | Jonathan Lubic

How Covid-19 is Impacting the Sports World

Creating Opportunities During Covid-19

Overcoming the Challenges During This Time

Jonathan Lubic Discusses the Future of Virtual Conferences

People Open the Instagram App About 40 Times Per Day

Influencer Marketing Takes By Jonathan Lubic

Building a Fan Base as an Athlete

Jonathan Lubic and Starting Distinction

The Power of Storytelling On and Off the Field

Using Content to Control Your Personal Brand and Create Your Own Narrative

Athletes Using Their Platform to Create Change



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