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The Kaylee America Rodriguez Story | Bigger Than Sports | Michigan Softball

This episode is bigger than softball. It is about a strong woman who went from battling on the field to battling for her life. Kaylee America Rodriguez was diagnosed with cancer in 2021 and found out the true meaning of what it means to be on a “team,” as the University of Michigan softball program was right by her side the entire way. Listen to Kaylee’s strength and tremendous outlook on the game of softball and life.  

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Kaylee America Rodriguez

  • Born and raised in Miami, FL
  • Senior infielder for the University of Michigan 
  • She found out she had cancer in 2021, battled, and WON the fight a year later
  • An impactful teammate, helping her team in every way possible. 
  • Social Media: X | Instagram | LinkedInPlayer Link

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