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Kelsey O’Connor Turns Medically Retiring Into Motivational Speaking

In this episode of “From The Players,” we are joined by Kelsey O’Connor, a former NC State softball player who turned a challenging end to her athletic career into a new beginning. O’Connor’s journey is not just about sports; it’s a powerful story of resilience, identity, and making an impact beyond the field.

Kelsey O’Connor Turns Medically Retiring Into Motivational Speaking Highlights:
  • Stories on how Kelsey fell in love with the game of softball and made it to her dream school, NC State.
  • Kelsey O’Connor shares her experience dealing with her third concussion and the tough decision to medically retire.
  • Learn how Kelsey transitioned from being a collegiate athlete to a motivational speaker.
  • Kelsey shares insights on how athletes can distinguish their self-worth from their sports achievements.
  • Find out how Kelsey is currently involved in social work for athletes at NC State, helping others navigate their challenges.
  • Connect with Kelsey O’Connor | Instagram

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