Kicking Off the US World Cup Series: Soccer's Surge in America

Kicking Off the US World Cup Series: Soccer’s Surge in America

Welcome, sports fans and curious readers alike! As we gear up for the 2026 World Cup, something big is happening in the U.S. – soccer, or ‘the beautiful game‘ as it’s known globally, is steadily climbing the ranks in American hearts and fields. This phenomenon isn’t just about a game; it’s about culture, passion, and a seismic shift in sports dynamics.

In this series, “The US World Cup Series,” we’re going on a journey to explore why soccer is not just kicking around but is set to become a top 4 sport in the U.S. post-2026 World Cup. From its global dominance as the world’s most popular sport to Americans’ growing love affair with streaming the Premier League on NBC and enjoying the growing MLS, we’ll dive into everything soccer.

Expect to explore topics like the accessibility and simplicity of soccer, the shifting tides in youth sports preferences, the evolution of the MLS, the unparalleled reach of European soccer, the concise beauty of a 90-minute game, and, of course, the money – oh, the money in this sport!

So, lace up your cleats, grab your favorite team’s scarf, and join me on this series. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just soccer-curious, there’s something here for everyone. Let’s kick this off!

US World Cup Series articles:

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Article 3: US World Cup Series | Soccer Is Time-Efficient

Article 4: US World Cup Series | How NBC Sports’ Premier League Streaming Fuels Soccer in the U.S.

new articles in this series will be added here as they drop.

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