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The Kyle McCord Upside Is Buckeye Legend

Buckle up, Buckeyes fans. You’re about to witness the emergence of a new Ohio State great. Kyle McCord, a name that’s about to become a big deal in the world of Ohio State football, is ready to take center stage as the Buckeyes’ quarterback. As he steps into this pivotal role, we have every reason to believe that we’re on the brink of something truly special. Yes, the Kyle McCord upside is that of a Buckeye legend!

This is not some wide-eyed freshman we’re talking about, but a mature player who has been patiently getting ready for this moment. As we explain our enthusiasm for Kyle McCord’s upside, we’ll explore why he was widely considered such an exciting prospect. We’ll take a look at his impressive background, analyze his recruitment journey, and examine the unique skills and strengths that set him apart. Then, we’ll set the stage for his enormous potential, the supportive environment at Ohio State that will enable him to realize it, and the lofty ambitions that seem entirely within his grasp.

This is more than a scouting report. It’s a prelude to greatness. So sit back, relax, and let’s get to know the next big thing in Buckeyes football: Kyle McCord.

Early Background and Recruitment

Kyle McCord’s early development as a player at St. Joseph’s Prep High School in Philadelphia cannot be understated. This is where he started to shape his reputation as a future college football star. At 6-foot-3, his size and skill made him a standout prospect and it wasn’t long before the recruitment process began in earnest. His sophomore film and stats were impressive enough to get him on Ohio State’s radar early on.

McCord was not just a regional sensation but was recognized on a national level. His ranking as a four-star recruit, and then later a five-star prospect, garnered attention from some of the biggest programs in college football. However, one school had a particular edge. This school was none other than Ohio State.

The Ryan Day Factor

The fact that Ryan Day was at the helm of Ohio State was undoubtedly a significant factor in McCord’s decision. Day, who was now in charge after Urban Meyer’s departure, had quickly developed a reputation as a QB guru. He had helped develop Dwayne Haskins into a Heisman finalist and first-round NFL draft pick, and he was instrumental in transferring Justin Fields from Georgia, who went on to become a Heisman finalist himself.

Day’s reputation resonated with McCord. The promise of being trained under the tutelage of a coach who has not only developed but also showcased great quarterbacks was enticing. After McCord visited the campus a few times, Ohio State took an early lead in his recruitment that they never relinquished. The opportunity to learn from a proven quarterback developer like Day was too good for McCord to pass up. On April 30, 2019, McCord gave his commitment to Ryan Day and Ohio State.

The Marvin Harrison Jr. and Sr. Connection

Adding another layer to this recruitment story is the presence of Marvin Harrison Jr., a fellow St. Joseph’s Prep standout and son of NFL Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison. McCord and Harrison Jr. had developed a strong connection on and off the field during their time at St. Joseph’s, and their decision to commit to Ohio State seemed to be somewhat synchronized.

McCord also had a notable advantage in having his high school teammate Marvin Harrison Jr. committed to Ohio State alongside him. But the influence didn’t stop there – Marvin Harrison Sr., considered one of the best receivers in NFL history, played a crucial role in both his son’s and McCord’s development. With his vast knowledge, experience, and NFL connections, Harrison Sr.’s input undoubtedly had a positive impact.

Marvin Harrison Sr.’s high praise for McCord speaks volumes about the young quarterback’s character and potential. In an interview highlighted by FanNation, Harrison Sr. said, “McCord is a very competitive guy. I’ve been around him for about four or five years now. I’m looking forward to him. He’s been very patient. I’m sure he’s learned a lot over the last two, three years here, so his day is going to come sooner than later, and we’re all going to be impressed with him.”

These words from a Pro Football Hall of Famer not only offer an endorsement of McCord’s competitive spirit and patience but also hint at an optimistic forecast for his future. With his background, skills, and the invaluable mentorship of figures like Harrison Sr., McCord is well-equipped to make a significant impact on Ohio State’s football program.

All these factors combined made Ohio State the ideal destination for Kyle McCord. He was not only joining a school with a strong football pedigree and a coach who could elevate his skills, but he was also doing it alongside a trusted teammate and friend. The stars aligned for McCord, setting him up on a path that seemed destined for success at Ohio State.

Strengths and Skills

McCord’s skill set is a blend of power, precision, and foresight. These attributes make him stand out and earmark him as a player who can thrive in the demanding game of college football.

  1. High-End Arm Strength

McCord’s arm strength is often the first thing that people notice about his play. His ability to throw the ball anywhere on the field is a testament to his remarkable physical strength. This quality is not just about hurling the ball across long distances – it’s also about accuracy and finesse over shorter throws. Whether it’s a 60-yard long bomb or a 10-yard out on the left sideline from the right hash, McCord has the strength and precision to deliver the ball exactly where it needs to be.

  1. Mature Pocket Presence

McCord carries himself with a calmness and confidence that’s surprising for his age. As a quarterback, the ability to sense pressure and escape it is crucial, and McCord possesses this skill. His awareness within the pocket is noteworthy. Whether it’s feeling the pressure coming from his right side and smoothly jogging out to his left or sensing the pressure up the middle and spinning out of it, McCord’s ability to keep calm and make the right decision under pressure is what makes him stand out.

  1. Advanced-Level Anticipation

Perhaps one of the most challenging skills for a quarterback to develop is the ability to anticipate the movements of other players on the field. McCord demonstrates an exceptional understanding of route combinations and shows a knack for ‘throwing his receivers open’ – that is, placing the ball where only his receiver can get to it. Whether it’s recognizing when an outside receiver is about to break open to the back corner or noticing that the outside corner isn’t reading the ball, McCord has an uncanny ability to predict how the play will unfold.

These skills were not just developed in high school but were honed further under the watchful eye of Ryan Day and the experienced coaching staff at Ohio State. As McCord steps into the role of Buckeye QB1, it’s these strengths that give him a solid foundation to build on and will see him excel at Ohio State.

Sky-High Potential

McCord’s potential is not merely a product of his outstanding physical attributes, but also his professional demeanor and his experience at Ohio State. This combination of qualities sets the stage for his big-time rise in college football and the NFL.

McCord has had the benefit of being immersed in the Buckeye system for several years now. He hasn’t been sitting idle, either; he’s been learning, growing, and adjusting to the college game’s speed and complexity. This experience is invaluable. It’s helped him acclimate to the college football landscape and Ohio State’s system in particular, which can only serve him well as he takes the reins.

In addition to his time in the system, McCord’s professional demeanor and attitude toward the game will play a significant role in his success. The word “professional” might seem odd when discussing college sports, but McCord carries himself with a maturity and focus that rivals any pro player. His work ethic, leadership, and commitment to his craft are all considered top-notch, providing a strong foundation for his success.

Moreover, McCord won’t be alone on the field. Ohio State boasts a roster full of offensive weapons, including his high school teammate Marvin Harrison Jr., who McCord already has a proven chemistry with. The team’s coaching staff, led by Ryan Day – renowned for his offensive acumen and ability to develop quarterbacks – will provide the perfect environment for McCord to maximize his abilities.

McCord’s immediate upside is tremendous. His performance this year could propel Ohio State into National Championship contention, put him in the running for the Heisman Trophy, and potentially make him a desirable first-round NFL Draft pick. However, even if he doesn’t hit these lofty heights in his first year as a starter, his floor remains incredibly high. At the very least, we anticipate him leading a top-five team and finishing top-five in the Heisman voting.

But the possibilities for McCord extend far beyond a single season. Given his skills, experience, and the resources available to him at Ohio State, it’s entirely feasible that he could spend two years as the Buckeyes’ starter, further cementing his legacy as one of the school’s greats and solidifying his standing as a top ten NFL draft pick.

McCord is a gamer; a proven winner. His days playing quarterback in Philadelphia have instilled in him a toughness and resilience that will serve him well. With his immense talent, mental toughness, and the support of a high-powered Ohio State team, the sky truly is the limit for Kyle McCord.

The Kyle McCord Upside | The Next Great Buckeye Quarterback

The stage is set, the lights are shining, and our man Kyle McCord is ready to seize the spotlight. This isn’t speculation, this isn’t hype – it’s the culmination of years of hard work, talent, and a quiet commitment to becoming the best. With his arm strength, pocket presence, and anticipation, McCord is more than equipped to lead the Buckeyes.

This coming season, we fully expect to see him commanding Ohio State’s offense, standing shoulder to shoulder with Heisman contenders, and, yes, even leading the Buckeyes to the national championship. And as for the NFL? Well, they’d better get their draft boards ready.

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