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LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Gmail – A Must Have

Here is another in our series on tools you can use to improve your efficiency at work. So far, we’ve covered Feedly and Scannable. This tool lets you smoothly connect your Gmail account to LinkedIn.

Do you have a Gmail account? It’s simply Google’s version of email. It’s easy to sign up for. You’ll also need a premium account through LinkedIn, but these days many people already do.

LinkedIn is the social media platform organized around business networking. The problem is that finding anybody on LinkedIn requires a time-consuming search. Say you get an email from a new associate, a prospect, or a vendor and you want to see if they’re on LinkedIn. That’s going to take a few minutes. So, if you could save those few minutes, that would be good, right?

Well, here it is, the link to the Google Web Store where you can download LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Gmail.

Once you download the app, it will automatically be added to your browser. When you go to your Gmail account (or accounts, for people like me who have more than one), you’ll see it in the right-hand side of your window.

This is not rocket science. It’s a simple productivity hack. Here’s how it works:

As you send emails, either by starting a new email thread or by replying to an email, the LinkedIn profile summary of the person you’re emailing will appear on the right-hand side of your window. If you are emailing multiple people, just hover your cursor over one of their email addresses to select it, and you’ll see that person’s profile. From there, you can do pretty much everything you could in LinkedIn–connect, view their profile, save it as a lead, see who the person is connected to, even see whatever basic information they have on LinkedIn, such as title, company, and location. You even get to see the person’s websites and Twitter handle.

It’s clean, it’s easy, and it’s fast. In a hyper-connected world with limited time, finding ways to save a few minutes here and there is valuable. Use it to your advantage.



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