SE65 | Founders Therapy Session with Matt Wunderli

Personalizing the platform. An entrepreneurial mindset conversation with the Co-Host of the Founders Therapy Podcast, Matt Wunderli. Matt is the epitome of the word entrepreneur.

He is the CEO of Publisher Arts and other startups. Publisher Arts is a media science company. As they say, analytics at the core of digital transformation. Matt is also an All-American Rugby player and he brings his experience to this sports and entrepreneurship conversation. 

We discuss why Matt has a podcast and we also get into storytellingdata, personalization, education, rugby, political conversations, and much more. With Matt’s great thinking, Eric became a firehose during this conversation. This conversation takes you in different directions, but with Matt’s dynamic entrepreneurial mindset, he was ready for anything!

With a focus on the entrepreneurship lifestyle, we are excited to feature Matt on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

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Matt Wunderli | Founders Therapy Session

Podcasting is an Outlet

The Media Scientists as Coined By Matt Wunderli

Creating Dynamic Opportunities by Not Putting Yourself in a Box

Business Lessons from Rugby Player Matt Wunderli

Consumption vs Production

Conversations Around Politics

The Importance of Founders Therapy 




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