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Megan Faraimo | Former UCLA All-American, National Champion, Professional Softball Player

In this episode of From The Players, Sydney sits down with Megan Faraimo. Megan is a remarkable athlete who was an All-American and National Champion at UCLA. And now Megan is a professional softball player with Athletes Unlimited and teams overseas. This conversation showcases Megan Faraimo’s resilience and dedication to elite sports performance. Megan shares the mental challenges and triumphs she experienced, her learnings from playing softball internationally, and the deep pride she carries in representing her family and community.
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In this episode, “Megan Faraimo | Former UCLA All-American, National Champion, Professional Softball Player”, we cover all the bases:
  • Megan Faraimo’s mental and physical journey to becoming a 2x Pac-12 Pitcher of the Year and a 3x All-American.
  • Insights into the 2019 National Championship win with UCLA Softball and the pivotal moments that defined her career.
  • The transition to professional softball with Athletes Unlimited, and the unique experiences of playing for overseas teams.
  • The importance of mental resilience in sports and Megan’s strategies for overcoming challenges.
  • Representing her family and community on the global stage, and the pride that comes with it.
  • Megan’s advice for young athletes aspiring to reach the heights of college and professional sports.

Join us as Megan Faraimo offers an intimate look into the life of an elite athlete, sharing lessons on perseverance, pride, and the power of sports to transform lives.

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