SE46 | Creating Amazing Soccer Content with Mo Ali Heydarpour

A passion for soccer content. In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Mo Ali Heydarpour, soccer content creator and soccer trainer.

You can find Mo’s content on Instagram and all social media platforms @MoAliFC. With over 600,000 followers on Instagram, incredible content, and a passion for the game we just had to spend some time chatting about his stories, business, and creativity. 

We are excited to feature Mo Ali Heydarpour on the SportsEpreneur Podcast

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Creating Amazing Soccer Content with Mo Ali Heydarpour Headlines

Playing the Long Game and Getting Started on a Content Creation Journey

Thinking of Life After Playing Soccer

Applying the Patience of Playing Soccer to the Business World

The Transition from Athlete to Entrepreneurship

Measuring the ROI of Content Creation

The Story of How Mo Built and Grew His Platform

The Process of “Talent Stacking”

Falling in Love with the Game at a Young Age 

Advice for Young Soccer Players from Mo Ali Heydarpour

The Mental Health Side of Playing Soccer




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