The Modern Day GK with Mark Robinson | SportsEpreneur Podcast
The Modern Day GK with Mark Robinson | SportsEpreneur Podcast

SE43 | The Modern Day GK with Mark Robinson

Entering the mind of a modern day goalkeeper. In this SportsEpreneur Podcast episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Mark Robinson, co-owner of The Modern Day GK.

The goalkeeper position is one of the most difficult positions in all sports. It’s also one of the most scrutinized positions you could choose to play. That is where The Modern Day GK comes in! They go beyond physical training–they help goalkeepers improve every aspect of their game, from instilling positivity to game management.

In the growing world of football (soccer), it is important to have individuals like Mark Robinson and the team at The Modern Day GK provide a positive impact on footballers across the world.

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From Eric after the chat with Mark Robinson of The Modern Day GK:

Today I had the opportunity to chat soccer/football with Mark Robinson of The Modern Day GK on the SportsEpreneur Podcast.

The combination of podcasting, LinkedIn, and access to good people has me consistently amazed. Amazed because of the people we get to chat with (and learn from) and the fact that some still think it’s okay to pitch and sell on first-contact through social media.

I met Mark on LinkedIn as I was impressed and intrigued by his goalkeeping content. So much so I told my son to follow their account on Instagram. To which my son said, “Dad, I already follow The Modern Day GK! All the keepers I train with follow them. They have the best keeper videos!”

So maybe I was a bit late to the game! Nonetheless, he isn’t wrong. Their content is brilliant. Their following & engagement… through the roof.

And thanks to LinkedIn, podcasting, and Mark being generous with his time, I got to spend 90 minutes talking to a leader in this sport about mindset, positivity, David de Gea, Jordan Pickford, monetization, building a brand, family, and a story that absolutely blew me away.

Thank you to Mark and his team for the time, insights, and uniqueness.

Full post on LinkedIn.

The Modern Day GK with Mark Robinson Headlines

Specialization in Youth Sports

The Importance of Creating Content Around Your Passions

Understanding How You Got Here

The Importance of Understanding How to Do Your Job

The Power of Positivity

Lee Robinson, the Featured Keeper of the Modern Day GK

Controlling Your Mindset

The Future of Soccer in the United States

The Mindset of a Goalkeeper



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