Podcast SE66 | Name Image Likeness with UREPZ Founder, C. Brett Harrell | App State Soccer Team

SE66 | Name Image Likeness with UREPZ Founder, C. Brett Harrell

Sports and business collide at the collegiate level. A conversation all about Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) with the founder of UREPZ, C. Brett Harrell.

Brett Harrell is a marketer, creator, and founder. He has a passion for collegiate athletics and the world around these college athletes. As a former student-athlete himself, playing soccer at App State University, Brett has a passion for giving college athletes an opportunity that he didn’t have while he was in school. With that, he started UREPZ. 

UREPZ is the self-representation and marketing platform for creators, influencers, sports organizations, and student-athletes. And in this conversation, we take on all the topics related to NIL.

With a focus on content creation in college sports, you can imagine our excitement to feature Brett on the SportsEpreneur Podcast. 

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Founder of UREPZ, C. Brett Harrell | Name, Image, Likeness

The “Why” Behind Building UREPZ

The Power of Giving an Athlete a Platform

What is Name, Image, Likeness (NIL)

The Federal Challenge and Regulations of Passing NIL

How the Universities Can Get Involved in Name Image Likeness | NIL

Cutting Out the Gatekeepers

Why an Athlete Should Have a Content Platform




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  • CBS Sports article on the Congression Bill of NIL
  • In the image of the App State soccer team, Brett Harrell is Number 4

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