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NASCAR: A New Era of Fandom

This article, “NASCAR: A New Era of Fandom” highlighting the good that NASCAR is doing to build a new era of fandom was written by SportsEpreneur’s own, Michael Wilson.

It’s difficult opening up social media and, regardless of whichever side you lean towards, to not get angry at all the events going on right now.

However, it’s encouraging to see how teams and leagues are pivoting and turning their attention to new eras in their respective sports.

NASCAR just recently banned the Confederate flag at all of their events and tracks.

It’s most definitely a step in the right direction, and in my opinion, one that has long been overdue.

It’s obvious that NASCAR has struggled to usher in a younger and more diverse audience in the past 15 years or so. And its not entirely their fault.

Millennials simply aren’t into fast cars like the Baby Boomers are, it’s an expensive sport to get into, and some may say it’s one of those sports that’s more fun to watch on TV rather than attending live.

They have hurdles that many other sports leagues don’t have to worry about.

I’m a NASCAR fan. I want the sport to flourish and be successful so that I can, maybe someday, take my kids to the track and hear the sights and sounds of 800hp racecars buzzing around Charlotte Motor Speedway at 200mph. It’s awesome.

Their recent actions prove that they’re willing to lose a few fans by gaining even more.

But it’s not about just that. It’s about doing the right thing.

It’s about creating a more accepting and diverse culture.

One where everybody feels safe and welcomed.

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