SE50 | Nate Oliver | Ohio State Buckeyes and Life After Football

The impact of being a Buckeye both on and off the field. In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Nate Oliver, Director of the Keith B. Key Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program at The Ohio State University, and a key member to the 2007 to 2011 Ohio State Buckeye football program.

Eric and Nate discuss the power of mentors, the impact of Coach Jim Tressel, and life after football. 

We are grateful that Nate shared his stories with us on the SportsEpreneur Podcast.

Thanks to Buckeye Nation, LinkedIn, and podcasting, we were able to talk with this Buckeye. When we heard about the type of teammate Nate was during his playing days and then heard how he is helping students today, we knew this conversation would be thoughtful. Nate was mentored by some Buckeye greats and he passed it on as he continued with his journey in the Ohio State football program. It’s people like Nate that we look to for stories and inspiration. 

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Discussing Life After Football with Ohio State Buckeye, Nate Oliver

What It Was Like Attending The Ohio State University

The Impact of Coach Jim Tressel

Being the Best Teammate You Can Be

Youth Sports Today as Told By Nate Oliver

Transitioning to Life After College Football

The Importance of Self-Talk and Holding Yourself Accountable

Be Willing to Share Your Experiences and Stories

KBK Buckeye Social Entrepreneurship Program at Ohio State

Nate Oliver Helping College Athletes with Business Initiatives




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