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Always Looking to Improve: SportsEpreneur’s New Look

We are happy to annouce SportsEpreneur’s new look. We hope you all enjoy!

It’s been three years since SportsEpreneur launched its first blog post. I remember our excitement then, what would SportsEpreneur become? What would people think about it?

I’ll tell you what it’s become;

It’s a platform that leads to new conversations with people. We’ve heard from the fitness trainer who couldn’t wait to read the new blog post on on the New York City Subway. We’ve heard from insurance carrier executives who loved our unique, unexpected stories. Our intern-turned-employee, John, says the blog was one of the main things that drew him to our company. SportsEpreneur has been the starting point for many new marketing clients and an ice breaker for many conversations. It’s proven itself to be the proof of concept–”I want that,” entrepreneurs say, and so we help them get something like it for themselves.

And now we are going next level, giving themes that have always been part of SE their own headings on our website.

Partly it’s because we want to organize our own thoughts (to a point—we’re still not interested in thinking inside any boxes!) and part of it is we want our website to be easier for you to navigate. But overall, we want that better user experience. This website is kind of like our online home, so when you visit SE, we want you to be able to find what you need and have a good time.

SE Originals

SE, of course, stands for SportsEpreneur. And Originals means content that originates from those of us at SE, both the archive of our older content and the new Originals we continue to create.

Athlete Stories

What’s been fascinating is how current and former athletes have taken to SportsEpreneur. We know athletes have stories to tell, and that these stories often contain lessons for all of us in business. Athletes often become the best entrepreneurs—they are committed people, they strive for excellence, and they have a passion for what they do. We’ve had incredible chats with athletes on our Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast, and we’ve helped many write their own articles. The Athlete Stories section will be a home for that material. If you know an athlete (current or former) who has a story to tell, send them our way. We can help!


If you have followed our Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast, you know we love audio. Audio is a major reason why SE and all its related brands exist today since listening to podcasts was a huge part of my development. Now, SportsEpreneur will get audio in the form of a podcast. We envision short-form podcasts on sports topics, with unique, positive takes that relate to the business world. We’re not here to replace Dan Patrick or Barstool Sports, or any other of the thousands of sports podcasts, but we will create a category that we believe any business leader will find useful, while showcasing those in sports so we can help them and their business

Sports Marketing

In case you haven’t heard, we have a content-marketing company, KazCM. It’s where we help business leaders communicate their story. Well, SportsEpreneur Marketing is the same thing, but specifically for those in and around the world of sports. Perhaps you have a sports business, or perhaps you’re a former athlete building a business—we want to help.

Partners & Sponsors

We are so grateful for our audience, and we are so excited about those who offer services to our audience. That’s why we want to feature our partners and sponsors. We want to make sure their business is seen by the right people—you! If you are looking to partner and sponsor, we‘d love to chat.

Sports teams are always looking to improve. Some, of course, do it better than others (we won’t name any names!) and that’s what we are doing with our SportsEpreneur content platform, refining and improving. We hope you like the new look. We hope you will engage with the content on social media, and if there’s something we can help you with, certainly let us know!

In the meantime, enjoy the content. And of course, enjoy the journey—always remember…

Sports Brings People Together!