Saviors & Sports | NFL Sunday Ticket and Rooting for Losers
Saviors & Sports | NFL Sunday Ticket and Rooting for Losers

Saviors & Sports | NFL Sunday Ticket and Rooting for Losers

Saviors & Sports… a mashup of sorts! A special edition of The Sports Backdrop brings you the ridiculous yet super-insightful sports segments from the latest Saviors of the Metaverse podcast. This is all for your amusement and enlightenment.

Get ready to laugh, facepalm, and maybe even learn a thing or two as the Saviors’ co-hosts rage about the following topics:

The NFL Sunday Ticket Shake-Up
Diving into the pricing chaos surrounding YouTube TV’s takeover of NFL Sunday Ticket and what it means for football fans everywhere.

The Red Zone Channel
A newbie’s learning of what the Red Zone Channel is… sorry, Jared is living under a rock.

The Struggles of a Cleveland Browns Fan
A heartfelt (and hilarious) look at the ups and downs of being a die-hard Browns fan, with a side of optimism.

Oakland A’s: Bye Bye, Oakland. Hello, Vegas!
Discussing the upcoming move of the Oakland A’s to Las Vegas and why Oakland keeps losing its teams.

Rooting for Losers: A Surprisingly Positive Experience for Kids
A tongue-in-cheek argument for why cheering for a losing team might actually be a character-building experience for children.

The Problem When Losing Teams Finally Win
When the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox finally broke their curses, it also broke the fun behind their losing.

Betting on the Future: The 2023-24 NFL Super Bowl Odds
A wildly speculative look at the odds for the upcoming Super Bowl and which teams are in the running.

The Deshaun Watson Court Case: Drama Off the Field
No criminal evidence found, the media coverage, and more.

Join us on this rollercoaster ride of absurdity and brilliance, as we bring you the very best (and worst) of the Saviors of the Metaverse sports discussions. This one just happens to be about rooting for losers!

To listen to the full audio of this Saviors of the Metaverse: College ROI + Gotham City, Cleveland, The Butt Naked Emperor

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