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NIL for Good: Celebrating Athletes Who Give Back

In this episode, we discuss the positive side of NIL deals and how athletes use their platforms positively. NIL for Good!

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An episode all about celebrating athletes who give back:

We started the episode by highlighting the importance of education in the NIL space. Our main focus is on the positives in name, image, and likeness. We reflect on some heartwarming stories from the past year, showcasing how athletes give back to their communities and make a difference beyond the playing field.

  • Oklahoma quarterback Nick Evers donated part of his NIL earnings to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, demonstrating his commitment to helping terminally ill children.
  • Offensive lineman Tyler Linderbaum from the University of Iowa generously gave $30,000 to the University of Iowa’s Children’s Hospital, showing that even those in less glamorous positions can make a significant impact.
  • Dillan Gibbons of FSU, a graduate transfer from Notre Dame, raised over $150,000 through GoFundMe for a family in need, exemplifying the power of using one’s platform for philanthropy.
  • Michigan running back Blake Corum created a fund to provide uniforms for underprivileged kids, proving that athletes can inspire and support the next generation.
  • Ohio State’s Harry Miller extended his generosity beyond U.S. borders by donating to Nicaraguan children, highlighting the global reach of athlete philanthropy.
  • LSU tight end Jack Bech used his NIL funds to support the Dreams Come True Foundation and gave a local high school athlete who lost his leg a taste of what it would be like to play for LSU.
  • Texas quarterback Casey Thompson leveraged his cameo appearances to donate to the “No Kid Hungry” campaign, using his social media presence to fight child hunger.
  • We also discussed a creative NIL deal involving four Iowa State Cyclones players with last names that perfectly matched the pork industry, leading to a unique partnership with the Iowa Pork Producers.
  • In the latter part of the episode, Trent shared invaluable tips on how student-athletes can create social value through their networks. He emphasized the importance of being authentic, focusing on areas of expertise, and being mindful of the content shared on social media.

We’re excited to continue bringing you the latest and most inspiring stories from the world of NIL. Stay tuned for more episodes where we explore the intersection of athletics, entrepreneurship, and the alumni journey. Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you next time!


00:00:06 – Introduction to NIL4U Podcast
00:00:32 – Trent Clark’s NIL Education Discount Offer
00:01:01 – NIL for Good Segment Introduction
00:01:40 – Oklahoma QB Nick Evers’ Donation to Make-A-Wish
00:02:16 – Discussion on Nick Evers and Athletes Giving Back
00:03:28 – Leadership and Charity in Athletes
00:04:18 – Tyler Lindebaum’s Donation to Children’s Hospital
00:05:00 – Offensive Linemen and NIL Opportunities
00:05:28 – Dylan Gibbons’ GoFundMe Initiative
00:06:56 – The Impact of Offensive Linemen in NIL
00:07:19 – The Value of Offensive Linemen in Football
00:10:47 – Blake Coram’s Fund for Underprivileged Kids
00:13:31 – Harry Miller’s Donation to Nicaraguan Children
00:14:17 – Jack Bash’s Dreams Come True Foundation Initiative
00:16:53 – Casey Thompson’s Cameo for Charity
00:18:49 – LSU Athletes’ NIL Contributions
00:21:28 – Iowa State Players’ Creative NIL Deal with Pork Producers
00:23:59 – Marketing Creativity in NIL Deals
00:26:07 – Trent’s Tips on Creating Social Value
00:31:49 – Importance of Social Media Presence and Creativity
00:32:23 – Guarding Social Media Reputation
00:34:57 – Wrapping Up and Special NIL Education Discount Offer
00:35:16 – Parting Words and Acknowledgments

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