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The NIL Landscape with Brian Rammel

Welcome to the first episode of NIL4U, where we aim to educate and explore the dynamic world of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) in collegiate sports. I’m your host, Rob Finkelstein, joined by the ever-knowledgeable coach Trent Clark. In this episode, we’re thrilled to have Brian “The Rammer” Ramel, a key player in the NIL space, as our special guest.

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About this NIL4U episode:
Brian Ramel, who runs the Owl Collective and BR Consulting, shares his insights on the role of collectives in facilitating NIL opportunities for student-athletes. We discuss the importance of collectives in connecting athletes with local businesses and the community, and how they can be a game-changer for marketing strategies.

Key Topics Discussed in this NIL Podcast Episode:

  • The Role of Collectives in NIL
  • Legislation and Regulation in NIL
  • Creative NIL Deals and Entrepreneurship
  • Mental Health and Social Media Impact
  • The Influence of NIL on Lesser-Known Sports
  • NIL for Good

As we wrap up the episode, we reiterate the vast opportunities NIL presents for both athletes and businesses. Our goal is to continue providing valuable insights and education on the evolving NIL landscape.

We look forward to bringing you more engaging discussions and expert insights in future episodes. If you have any questions or want to get involved with the Owl Collective, reach out to [email protected]. Thank you for tuning in, and stay educated on all things NIL.

TIMESTAMPS | NIL Landscape Episode
00:00:04 – Introduction to NIL for You Podcast
00:00:32 – Co-host Introduction and NIL Academy
00:01:25 – Special Guest Introduction: Brian Rammel
00:01:45 – Brian’s Role at the Owl Collective and BR Consulting
00:02:21 – Where to Find Brian Online
00:02:42 – Kicking Off Questions with Brian about Collectives
00:02:57 – National Legislation for NIL
00:03:12 – Discussion on College Athletics Corporation (CAC)
00:04:10 – NCAA’s Role and Future of NIL
00:05:13 – Missouri Collective’s Deal with a National Brand
00:06:12 – Entrepreneurial Opportunities in NIL
00:07:10 – Potential for Other Collectives to Mirror Successful Deals
00:07:22 – The Impact of National Brand Deals
00:08:14 – Branding and Marketing for Athletes
00:09:32 – The Broad Scope of NIL and its Narrowing Path
00:09:44 – Potential Deals and Partnerships
00:09:51 – Impact of Injuries on NIL Deals
00:10:14 – The Transfer Portal and NIL Agreements
00:12:08 – Contractual Protections in NIL Deals
00:13:00 – Social Media’s Influence on NIL
00:14:00 – Mental Health Concerns in the NIL Space
00:15:04 – The Importance of Education in NIL
00:16:58 – Olivia Dunn’s Security Needs Due to NIL Fame
00:17:16 – The New Landscape of College Sports and Fan Engagement
00:19:20 – NIL for Good and Athlete Philanthropy
00:20:51 – NIL Opportunities for Olympic Collegiate Athletes
00:22:00 – The Expanding Influence of Athletes Beyond Their Sport
00:23:00 – The Role of Collectives in NIL
00:24:00 – Brian’s Explanation of Collectives and the Owl Collective
00:26:16 – How Collectives Facilitate NIL Opportunities
00:27:40 – The Importance of Early Engagement with Athletes for Brands
00:28:41 – NIL and Olympic Athletes: A Missed Opportunity?
00:29:24 – The Global Impact of NIL on Athletes
00:30:00 – The Role of Collectives in Community Engagement
00:32:19 – The Future of Collectives and Local Business Involvement
00:32:40 – What is a Collective?
00:35:39 – How Businesses Can Engage with NIL and Collectives
00:36:01 – The Process for Businesses to Partner with Athletes
00:37:00 – The Value of Partnering with Student Athletes
00:38:00 – The Impact of March Madness on NIL Deals
00:40:15 – The Power of User Generated Content in NIL
00:42:19 – The Engagement Advantage of Student Athletes
00:44:19 – The Story of Doug Eddert and St. Peter’s NCAA Run
00:47:02 – The Importance of Niche Marketing in NIL
00:48:45 – Tips for Athletes and Brands in NIL
00:49:25 – Wrapping Up and Future of NIL Discussions
00:50:10 – Closing Remarks and Contact Information for Brian Rammel

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