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NIL Software: Streamlining Name, Image, Likeness with Basepath

This NIL4U Podcast episode is all about NIL software to help in the process of the new collegiate sports era we are now in. We feature the Co-Founder & CEO at Basepath, Thomas Thomas, Jr. Basepath is a NIL operations software company that streamlines NIL activity between fans, collectives, universities, and student-athletes. Basepath automates tasks, contracts, communication, and finances for NIL stakeholders and student-athletes.

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TIMESTAMPS for this NIL Software episode

00:00:06 – Introduction and Guest Welcome
00:00:41 – Trent’s Greetings and Introduction of Thomas Thomas Jr.
00:01:02 – Thomas Thomas Jr.’s Introduction
00:01:18 – Where to Find BasePath
00:01:33 – BasePath’s Role in the NIL Community
00:02:05 – BasePath’s Focus on Serving Collectives
00:03:46 – Special Offer: Free NIL Wallet from BasePath
00:04:47 – The Genesis of BasePath
00:07:10 – NIL for Good: Shake Shack and Altius Campaign
00:08:18 – Discussion on NIL for Good and Athlete Education
00:09:21 – The Importance of Alumni Networks Post-Graduation
00:11:16 – Alumni Direct’s Role in Networking
00:12:19 – Thomas’s Alumni Experience
00:13:30 – Mental Health and the Transfer Portal
00:16:17 – The Complexities of the Transfer Portal
00:19:13 – Transfer Portal Time Periods
00:20:03 – Revenue Sharing in College Athletics
00:23:48 – NIL Academy Education Promotion
00:24:44 – Revenue Sharing Model Discussion
00:25:51 – Thomas’s Perspective on Revenue Sharing
00:29:21 – The Inevitability of Revenue Sharing in College Sports
00:31:03 – Arkansas Edge Launch Powered by BasePath
00:32:27 – NIL for Good and Community Impact
00:32:40 – Thomas’s Tips on NIL Collectives and BasePath
00:33:07 – Consolidation of NIL Collectives
00:34:20 – Benefits of BasePath for NIL Collectives
00:35:57 – The Benefit of the NIL Wallet for Student Athletes
00:36:38 – Closing Remarks and Thanks to Guest

About this NIL4U episode | NIL Software: Streamlining Name, Image, Likeness with Basepath

Welcome back to another episode of NIL4U, where we dive deep into the world of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) and its impact on student-athletes, alumni, and the broader sports community. I’m your host, Rob Finkelstein, founder and CEO of Alumni Direct, and today we’re thrilled to have a special guest, Thomas Thomas Jr., joining us to share his insights on NIL education and the innovative solutions his company offers.

Thomas, founder of Basepath, discusses the importance of providing a centralized platform for athletes to manage their NIL deals and the educational benefits that come with navigating the NIL landscape. Basepath, in particular offers software that eases the operational burden for administrators and operators of collectives, providing tools for deal management, contract handling, task management, payment facilitation, and tax compliance documentation.

As we wrap up the episode, we emphasize the ongoing need for education in the NIL space. Whether it’s through Trent’s Tips or other resources, equipping student-athletes with the knowledge to navigate their NIL journey is paramount. We encourage listeners to take advantage of the free NIL wallet offer from Basepath and to continue supporting NIL for good initiatives.

Thank you for tuning in to NIL4U. We hope you found this episode informative and engaging. Stay connected with us for more stories, tips, and discussions on the evolving world of NIL.

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