Normalizing Mental Health in Sports with Lisa Bonta Sumii | SE Podcast
Normalizing Mental Health in Sports with Lisa Bonta Sumii | SE Podcast

Normalizing Mental Health in Sports with Lisa Bonta Sumii

It’s time we start normalizing mental health in sports. And this podcast episode featuring Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Lisa Bonta Sumii, is one piece of content that attempts to do just that.

There are many conversations about mental health taking place in and around the world of sports. More is needed–so we will continue to take this topic on across all our content platforms and we will feature leaders in this space like Lisa. Speaking of Lisa — thank you to Lisa Bonta Sumii and therapists all over for helping so many when it comes to mindfulness.

Lisa is a Mental Health and Sports Performance Specialist at the Oakland Roots SC and a private practice therapist to elite athletes in California and Nevada.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, and thankfully, it is fast becoming more normal to talk about it. It’s also becoming normal for college sports programs and professional sports organizations to partner with or employee therapists. Examples of this include Lisa’s work with the Oakland Roots SC of the USL Championship League and Millennium Hope Counseling’s partnership with the University of Illinois Chicago.

In this podcast episode of normalizing mental health, we have a wide-ranging dialogue covering people and topics including Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka, Sha’Carri Richardson, Paul George, shocking stressors, trash-talking, next play mindset, naming a feeling, anxiety, meditation, positive relationships, youth sports, and how trauma has no sense of time.

In regards to trauma, there are different kinds of trauma. It is not just physical or sexual abuse, verbal abuse, or neglect. It is broader. Our genetics, our upbringing, our environment, how we react and respond to adversity – it has everything to do with our ability to manage a particular situation. This and many other reasons are why the work of Lisa and others in the field of psychotherapy becomes so critical. Specifically related to sports, a dedicated psychotherapist can help an athlete show up and perform at their peak in the biggest moments.

Listen to this episode and learn more about improving your (or your child’s) performance, opening up about mental health, controlling your emotions, responding to injustice, and much more.

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Headlines: Normalizing Mental Health in Sports with Lisa Bonta Sumii

Gender differentiation in how athletes talk about trauma

How to start normalizing mental health in sports

Release techniques and tools

Confidentiality and trust

Mental health injury

Flow state

Event + Response = Outcome (podcast with Tim Kight)

PTSD and Trauma

The Power of Now (book by Eckhart Tolle)

Habits (Atomic Habits book by James Clear)

Youth sports should be fun


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