SportsMatterz | North Carolina Tar Heel Stories with Matt Doherty

“The credit belongs to the ‘person’ who is actually in the arena”. -Theodore Roosevelt.

In this episode, I chat with Matt Doherty, North Carolina Tar Heel, former College Basketball Coach, and college basketball national champion.

While this conversation took place during the pandemic, the Tar Heels are making a visit to the 2022 Final Four, so we had to surface this episode and share more North Carolina Tar Heel stories as well as the many lessons learned on and off the hardwood. Matt Doherty tells stories of why he writes, why storytelling matters, bad losses, overcoming adversity, being pushed by the greatest of all time, playground basketball, his own faith, and much more.

Matt Doherty also has a new book out titled: Rebound: From Pain to Passion – Leadership Lessons Learned.

As Charles Barkley says, “Matt Doherty knows about rebounding on the court and in life. His journey and experiences are inspiring.”

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