Okkulo Founder on Bettering Athletes | Mel O'Connor | Technology in Sport
Okkulo Founder on Bettering Athletes | Mel O'Connor | Technology in Sport

SE52 | OKKULO Founder on Bettering Athletes | Mel O’Connor

Creating more space for athletes to be better. In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Mel O’Connor, CEO and Founder of OKKULO training. Eric and Mel discuss taking an athlete’s training to the next level with the use of technology.

Mel and his team are dedicated to the research and development of tech-driven training systems in elite sport. OKKULO’S cutting-edge training system pioneers the innovative control of lighting to improve response times leading to enhanced performance and a tangible competitive advantage. OKKULO can help shave milliseconds off sports requiring responses to fast-moving objects (think soccer/football, baseball, tennis and other ball sports where the ball is coming at the player at high speeds). The bottom line is OKKULO is creating more space for athletes to be better.  

Mark and Lee Robinson at The Modern Day GK have seen OKKULO first hand and were kind enough to introduce us to Mel. You can listen to Mark Robinson’s episode on the SportsEpreneur podcast and learn more about how OKKULO helps goalkeepers.

Learning about The Modern Day GK on LinkedIn and eventually Instagram, led to messages and conversations and a podcast. It then led to an introduction to Mel O’Connor, LinkedIn and WhatsApp messages, and now a conversation with the OKKULO Founder and CEO where we hit the record button. Content is at the core of it all. Current day social media networks are the gateway to new conversations and opportunities. And this podcast episode is all about entrepreneurship and sports science colliding.

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OKKULO Founder on Bettering Athletes with Mel O’Connor

The Start of OKKULO

How OKKULO Works

The Power of Believing In Your Product

How Technology Plays a Role in Sports

Concerns Around Having Too Much Technology

Creating More Space for Athletes to be Better

Taking the Leap Towards Entrepreneurship with the OKKULO Founder

Content Creation and the Stories You Get to Tell




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