Will You Play Great Even When You Are Losing?

This article was co-written with Spencer Smith of Triple H Tackling Academy.

You look up at the scoreboard and it reads 42-7. You are down by 35 points going into the 4th quarter. Are you likely to win at this point? No (although you never know–see UCLA). How you play now might not mean a lot for the scoreboard–but it means a lot to you  

We see it all the time in the sports world; a team is way down and the players stop playing their hardest. They give up. However, we also see the ones who give it their best no matter what the scoreboard says, and those are the great players.  

Greatness is made when you have to fight and claw your way through an obstacle. When nothing is going right for you and you are losing the battle, will you still play great? Greatness is achieved by hard work and effort when others are not working hard.  

In business, you will not always win. There will be times that you lose. How will you act when you are losing? This says a lot about you. Will you go out there and play your heart out, or will you stop trying? 

Maybe three potential clients just backed out of a deal with you.  So what? Get back to work and get the next three potential clients 

A loss does not define you. How you play when you are losing is what matters most. Will you play great when you are losing?


Thank you to Spencer Smith for these awesome motivational words. We first met Spencer on Instagram. Our content caught his attention and vice versa. This led to conversations, meetings, more engagement, and eventually a podcast episode on Entrepreneur Perspectives — and now this article among other projects. You can find the podcast episode here: Perspectives of a Tackling Expert with Spencer Smith.

Check out Spencer’s business, Triple H Tackling Academy’s Instagram Page.